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Hello! I'm glad you are interested in a commission from me! Please read through these rules and send me an email at [email protected] when you are ready or if you have any questions!

  • Depending on level of detail and number of characters, prices may vary. I will send you a price quote once you submit your commission!

  • All commissions are for Personal use ONLY. If you are looking for a piece for commercial purposes, feel free to email me.

  • Commissions will be paid in full, but you may request a refund if I haven't started on it yet.

  • I may refuse a commission at my own preference.

  • Please credit me if you decided to use your commission on social media/ etc.

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Painted Style

Fullbody, shading and detailed!
Starting Price: $85
Background: +$30

Clean Style

Clean Lines, simple shading.
Great for character refs or outfit designs.
Waist-Up: $25
Fullbody: $30
Colour: +$15


Small, coloured and compact! Pick a style!
Painted: $15
Clean: $12
Mixed: $15


Monochrome art without the commitment.
Waist-Up: $15
Fullbody: $18
Chibi: $15